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What is Incruises?

Incruises is an MLM company that sells memberships to individuals who want to enjoy travel discounts. They charge $100 monthly for membership and provide 200 Cruise Dollars that can only be used to book travel reservations. 

Online MarketingThe company is based on the bandwagon effect. They use testimonials from other members to entice new members to join. To learn more about Incruises, visit

Incruises is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that sells cruise memberships and travel discounts. Incruises members can also earn instant cash bonuses for recruiting new affiliates to the program. However, it is important to remember that incruises is not a legitimate business model and it could be considered a pyramid scheme. In fact, over 95% of MLM affiliates do not make any money.

This company uses a technique called framing to encourage people to join. It involves using testimonials and other marketing techniques to change the perception of a particular situation. The goal of this technique is to amplify positive feelings in people, making them more likely to join. This is especially useful for network marketers because it allows them to recruit people who are not necessarily aware of the risk factors associated with joining an MLM.

To demonstrate this concept, inCruises uses a video on its website featuring one of its members. In the video, this member claims that inCruises is different from any other MLM he has ever seen. The video uses the bandwagon effect to encourage viewers to jump on the inCruises train and earn their own commissions.

Another way inCruises tries to influence people is by claiming that their product is safe for consumers. This is a common claim made by MLM companies and can be misleading. In reality, MLMs are not safe for the health of their members and are often illegal in many countries.

Incruises also relies on the “spread the wealth” strategy to promote its products and recruit affiliates. The spread the wealth method is a classic MLM tactic that works by giving incentives to affiliates for bringing in new customers. Incruises pays its affiliates a small percentage of the total cost of each customer’s cruise. This system is designed to help the company grow quickly and attract more customers.

Incruises’ website features a series of videos from current and former members, along with pictures of various destinations. In addition, it contains a wealth of promotional materials that can be used to encourage potential members to join the company.

It’s a membership club

InCruises is a membership club that offers travel discounts and rewards for its members. Members can redeem Cruise Dollars for a discounted price on a future cruise. The company is a member of CLIA and specializes in the cruise industry. Its primary source of revenue is from membership sales, which cost $195 for the first year of collaboration.

Members can earn instant pay bonuses, which range from $50 to $150, by referring new partners. They also earn weekly match bonuses and monthly leadership bonuses. These bonuses are based on the amount of new affiliates they recruit each month. The higher their rank, the more they can earn.

When a potential member joins the inCruises team, they must invest at least $100 per month. This money is not refundable in the event of the company’s failure. However, the company has a 30-day guarantee for new members. In addition, it has a compensation plan that compensates leaders based on their total new member sales each month.

The company’s website describes the benefits of becoming an inCruises partner, including travel savings and a free cruise for five people. InCruises also encourages its members to invite friends and family to join the program. This strategy is known as the bandwagon effect, and it is used by many companies to increase their market share.

InCruises also promotes its travel rewards program, which allows members to receive cruise credits based on their membership level. These credits are deposited directly into their profile each month, and they can be redeemed at any time to book a cruise. The company’s website also provides members with tips and tricks on how to get the most out of their membership.

InCruises has denied the allegations of being a pyramid scheme, and the company’s founders and top executives have been meeting with Polish officials to resolve this matter. InGroup has retained legal counsel and is providing regulators with all necessary information to support its case. If the company is found to be operating as a pyramid, it will likely be banned in Poland.

It’s a travel agency

InCruises is a travel agency that offers cruise discounts to its members. They also offer a business opportunity to earn commissions on booking cruise tickets and travel packages. However, critics have called this a disguised pyramid scheme. In this type of scheme, new recruits are pushed to recruit more members to keep the company afloat. This can lead to a vicious cycle that is hard to break out of.

InCruises was founded in 2016 and is based in the United States. They claim to have attracted over 200,000 members in their four years of operation. They also use the bandwagon effect to attract prospects, which is a marketing strategy where large groups of people endorse a product or service to influence others. This tactic is often used in network marketing but can be applied to other industries as well.

Many people are concerned that InCruises is a pyramid scheme. UOKiK’s 2022 warning was based on the assumption that most of inCruises’ revenue is tied to affiliate Member fee payments rather than retail Member payments and travel. InCruises has disputed this claim and has engaged with Polish regulators.

The InCruises compensation plan is based on a uni-level structure that pays affiliates commissions on sales and recruitment. To qualify for commissions, an affiliate must sell five active memberships each month and personally recruit one affiliate each month. They must also purchase a monthly trip subscription to maintain their qualification status. In addition to this, there are instant pay bonuses ranging from $50-$150 for recruiting new affiliates.

InCruises also offers a loyalty program for their members called Cruise Dollars, which can be redeemed for future cruise purchases. These dollars are automatically credited to an affiliate’s profile each time they pay a monthly subscription, and they never expire. The company’s website describes how these credits can be exchanged for cruise bookings. InCruises has a no-risk cancellation policy for its memberships, which means that if you don’t like the service, you can cancel your membership without paying any fees. You can also cancel your membership at any time.

It’s a business opportunity

During the pre-launch, inCruises is offering an opportunity to become a Partner and start earning commissions right away. This is very unique for a Network Marketing company. Typically, there is a window that you have to join in order to become a Partner, and this usually lasts for 30-45 days. However, inCruises is allowing Partners to upgrade at any point during the pre-launch.

This is a company that focuses on cruising, and they have an interesting product. It is a membership that people can purchase to save money on their cruises. It also gives them other perks and advantages that they may not get if they didn’t buy the membership.

The product is a very good one. It saves people money off of a purchase that they would have made anyway, and it’s a “feel good” product because going on a cruise is fun! The company is a great fit for a lifestyle business, and it will allow you to build a sustainable income.

Unlike most Network Marketing companies, inCruises has a unique compensation plan that pays pass-up residuals through their unilevel structure. If an affiliate recruits other affiliates, they can earn commissions for the purchases of those affiliates’ Members and customers. This can continue for a theoretical infinite number of levels.

Michael Hutchison is the co-founder and CEO of inCruises. He is an experienced network marketing professional, and he has several other successful businesses under his belt. He’s backed by a strong advisory panel of seasoned professionals.

Another thing that sets inCruises apart is its global footprint. When it launches, the company will be available in 192 countries. This is a huge accomplishment for a new Network Marketing company, and it shows that the company has a lot of potential.

When investigating any MLM or direct sales company, it is important to look at the compensation plan to make sure that it’s legitimate. If the majority of your income is coming from recruiting others, this is a red flag that the company is a pyramid scheme. Ideally, you should be able to make the majority of your income from retail sales and residuals.