Member Policies

Earning Time Bank Hours
One hour of service always earns one Time Bank Hour, and one Time Bank Hour always buys one hour of service. For fractions of hours, round up to the nearest quarter hour. (For example, 52 minutes of service earns 1 Time Bank Hour. 1 hour and 10 minutes of service equals 1.25 Time Bank Hours). Time Bank Hours are not redeemable for cash. It is fine and expected that members will have negative balances at times. When you first join, you may find a great opportunity to receive a service before you find an opportunity to provide one. However, out of fairness to all, we want to discourage excessive debt. Therefore, when a member accrues a debt of 10 Time Bank Hours, she or he must begin earning Time Bank Hours before going further into debt.

Member Donations
Individual members are asked to donate between $10 and $50 per year, depending on what you feel you can afford, to join the Northern California Counties (NCC) Time Bank. While Time Banking creates an alternative, non-money based economy, we operate in the world where printing, insurance, web hosting and other things still cost us money. We appreciate your support in helping the Time Bank pay for these things.

New Member Orientation
New members must attend an orientation to complete the application process and have access to the Time Bank. At the orientation you will learn about hOurworld online system that you will use for time exchanges, get ideas on skills to offer and request, meet others, and learn more about the Time Bank process. Members will earn two Time Bank hours for attending the orientation.

Rights and Responsibilities
Every member of the NCC Time Bank has the right:

  • To be treated with dignity, care and respect.
  • To earn one Time Bank hour for every hour of service provided.
  • To spend Time Bank hours on services offered by other members.
  • To save Time Bank hours in a personal account for later use.
  • To donate Time Bank hours to other members.
  • To have privacy and confidentiality maintained.
  • To be valued.

 Every member of the NCC Time Bank has the responsibility:

  • To respect the privacy and confidentiality of other members.
  • To be prompt and keep scheduled commitments.
  • To be accepting of guidance and instructions.
  • To answer all Time Bank phone calls and emails directed to me promptly.
  • To respect my exchange partner’s home, property and valuables.
  • To ascertain the competency of the server to deliver the service to the extent that meets my level of comfort, prior to receiving a service.
  • To clarify all details of my transaction before meeting with my partner, including agreeing on expenses, which are the responsibility of the recipient. Expenses might include reimbursement for gas, materials required to provide the service, etc
  • To respect my exchange partner’s home, property and valuables.
  • To have fun and share your experiences!

Member Safety
While the NCC Time Bank checks references of all members before they join, each member is responsible for his/her own safety and comfort. We encourage you to ask for references and meet members in public places for your first meeting.

It is recommended that the legal guardian and the member offering childcare meet before the exchange and make sure all parties are happy and that essential information about the child(ren) is passed on including emergency contact numbers for the parents while the childcare is taking place.

Northern California Counties Time Bank refers members who state that they are able to perform services. NCC Time Bank cannot guarantee the performance of anyone who is referred, nor will NCC Time Bank or its staff or members be held responsible for any injury to persons or damage to property experienced while involved with the transaction.

There may be situations when the service provided does not meet the expectations of the receiver. Wherever possible, appreciation of another’s best efforts is part of what makes the Time Bank work. Additionally, all problems should be brought to the attention of NCC Time Bank Coordinators as soon after the transaction as possible.

No service is guaranteed, and there may be situations when the service provided does not meet the expectations of the receiver. Therefore, appreciation of another member’s best effort is part of what makes the Time Bank work.

All members must protect the privacy and confidentiality of other members. A member can be dismissed from the program for violating this rule. The only exception for sharing information is when a member feels that the health and/or safety of another member is in danger. This information should only be shared with a Time Bank Coordinator.

Membership is open to all ages. Parent or guardian approval will be required for anyone under 18, and the parent or guardian is fully responsible for determining if sufficient supervision is provided for the minor for any exchange. The parent or guardian can choose to allow the minor to have their own Time Bank account, or can have the minor share their account.

Political Parties and Activities
The NCC Time Bank is a 501(c)(3) organization.  We are prohibited from supporting or opposing candidates for public office in any political campaign. We do not and cannot attempt to “influence legislation,” either by direct contact or by urging the public to contact members of a legislative body for the purpose of proposing, supporting, or opposing legislation. Neither does the NCC Time Bank attempt to influence legislation by advocating the adoption or rejection of legislation. Individual members may, of course, be politically active as individual citizens.