The NCC Time Bank is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Rather than using traditional monetary currency, our currency of time is non-taxable.
The NCC Time Bank believes that everyone’s time is equally valuable, no matter what service is exchanged. One hour is always equal to one time credit.
Membership is open to all ages. Parent or guardian approval will be required for anyone under 18, and the parent or guardian is fully responsible for determining if sufficient supervision is provided for the minor for any exchange. The parent or guardian can choose to allow the minor to have their own Time Bank account, or can have the minor share their account. Our membership is open to people of all background and abilities. There are currently 350 members of the NCC Time Bank which includes individuals and community organizations. Those who are interested in becoming new members must complete an application and attend a new member orientation which is held the first Sunday of every month at 5:00 at the Chico Public Library.
Once the application and an orientation are complete, members will receive information about logging into their Time Bank account (allow 48 hours). Your account is located on our on-line system called Hourworld that keeps track of exchanges and hours. Members are able to list services they can provide and services they may need. The hour is taken from the account of the member who received the service and transferred to the account of the member that provided the service. The member who receives the service fills out the necessary information on Hourworld to officially record the transaction.
Time bank ideology started in the New England area and quickly expanded towards the West Coast. The United States currently has around 400 different time banks. NCC Time Bank was developed in 2012 by a group of volunteers and has grown steadily throughout this time.
A variety of services are offered within the Time Bank. Some services include: cooking, shopping, yoga, sewing, giving and getting rides, childcare, hiking groups, tutoring, help writing grants, transportation (rides to the airport or around town), music lessons, language lessons, massage, acupuncture, party planning, car repair, handyman work, haircuts, companionship, exercise partners and so much more!
You are able to document time in 15 minute increments. (For example if the time spent on services was 1 hour 30 min, the time entered would be 1.5. If the time spent on services was 1 hour 45 minutes the time entered would be 1.75.)
No, you do not have to stay for the potluck after orientation but we encourage you to stay and meet new Time Bank members. This can help you understand the different services offered and meet the people providing them.
No there is not. Time Bank does promote reciprocity, therefore we encourage members to balance services offered and received.
Yes, you can be in debt up to 10 hours before you will be encouraged to start giving services to others.
No, the Time Bank does not provide background checks, but encourages members to get to know each other by participating in a variety of Time Bank activities like our all-member potlucks, quarterly parties, fundraising events and committee meetings. The Time Bank will provide a third party member for your reassurance if one is needed. We do suggest meeting a prospective trading partner in public to get to know them more before you exchange time.
We would love to see you at our monthly committee meetings, everyone is welcome. The Time Bank has four different committees: Steering committee, Membership committee, Outreach committee, Technology committee. Help with fundraising events, all membership potluck, quarterly parties and outreach!! If you are interested in any of these events please email us at: chicotimebankmembership@gmail.com.
Time Banking is designed to build community and empower the people within it. It allows people to get to know their neighbors. It allows people to self-discover and help find services they can provide to other members. Unlike the restrictions our monetary system can pose, using time as currency creates fewer barriers and promotes inclusion allowing many community members to participate.
If you like the idea of being unconventional and want to support your community in a novel way then Time Bank is for you! The idea that everyone has something to offer and everyone’s skills are valued equally is a great concept that is welcoming to every person.
The Time Bank is volunteer run, membership dues are used to purchase supplies. These supplies are used for outreach and fundraising. Grants are also utilized to help support this organization.
Attend committee meetings, quarterly parties, fundraising events and all-member monthly potlucks.
Life is busy, but it is nice to take a step back and embrace our environment and the people that surround us. Joining the Time Bank will help you utilize and conserve time while meeting new people in the community. With the diverse amount of services offered you can be productive and complete tasks while building community.